Want to buy shoes for Soul Cycle? Here is everything you need to know & how to buy them!

February 5, 2015

With our obsession with Soul Cycle growing week by week it seems that in the past 12 months we have spent more time in our Shimano Cycling shoes than our beautiful collection of amazing heels.

As a result of our time on the bike we have had so many people asking where did we get the shoes, how do you attach the clips to the shoes, are they the right ones for the Soul Cycle bikes? So here is our easy guide to buying shoes that are perfect for the Soul Cycle bike – and your feet!
Shimano Bike Shoes for Soul Cycle with LOOK Delta ClipsWhat do you need to buy?

To clip into the pedals on the bike you will need 1. a pair of shoes and 2. a pair of LOOK Delta clips. These are clips that are compatible with the pedals on the Soul Cycle bike.

The shoes for women are Shimano Women’s Road Cycling shoes and you can buy the shoes your size in black or white and you can buy the shoes here on Amazon.

The shoes for men are Shimano Men’s All Round Cycling shoes and are available in black and you can buy the shoes here on Amazon.

The LOOK Delta Clips are the same for women and men. You can buy the clips in red or in black directly from Amazon.

Once you have your shoes and clips you just need to attach the clips to the shoes and you will be ready to ride.

Step 1: Arrange the washer and screws of the LOOK Delta clip on top of the fitting on the sole of the shoe

Shimano Women's Road Cycling Shoes with LOOK Delta bike clipsStep 2: Use a flathead screwdriver and place the LOOK Delta clip over the soles and insert with the screws provided to attach. Repeat on the other shoe.LOOK Delta Clips for Soul Cycle Shoes Step 3: You are ready to clip into the bike and tap it back!Shimano Women's Road Cycling Shoes with LOOK Delta Bike Cleats for Soul Cycle

The Shimano Women’s and Shimano Men’s Road Cycling Shoes with LOOK Delta Clips can be used at Soul Cycle studios across the USA from coast to coast.

You can book a class at any of the 36 studios listed below:

Soul Cycle Studios in New York at Soul Cycle Union Square, Soul Cycle West Village, Soul Cycle 19th St, Soul Cycle East 63rd St, Soul Cycle East 83rd St, Soul Cycle Financial District, Soul Cycle Noho, Soul Cycle Soho, Soul Cycle Tribeca, Soul Cycle West 27th St, Soul Cycle West 77th St Soul Cycle Williamsburg.

Soul Cycle Studios in Southern California at Soul Cycle Beverley Hills, Soul Cycle Brentwood, Soul Cycle Malibu, Soul Cycle Newport Beach, Soul Cycle Pasadena, Soul Cycle Santa Monica & Soul Cycle West Hollywood.

Soul Cycle Studios in Northern California at Soul Cycle Marin, Soul Cycle Palo Alto, Soul Cycle Soma Soul Cycle Union St.

Soul Cycle Studios in the Hamptons at Soul Cycle Bridgehampton, Soul Cycle East Hampton & Soul Cycle Water Mill.

Soul Cycle Studios in Connecticut at Soul Cycle Greenwich.

Soul Cycle Studios in Westchester at Soul Cycle Bronxville, Soul Cycle Rye Brook & Soul Cycle Scarsdale.

Soul Cycle Studios in Maryland at Soul Cycle Bethesda.

Soul Cycle Studios in Florida at Coral Gables.

Soul Cycle Studios in Washington at Soul Cycle DC.

Soul Cycle Studios in New Jersey at Soul Cycle Short Hills.

Soul Cycle Studios in Long Island at Soul Cycle Roslyn & Soul Cycle Woodbury.

Soul Cycle Studios in Massachusetts at Soul Cycle Chestnut Hill.

If you haven’t been to a class yet you can book today at Soul Cycle. We hope you love it as much as we do – enjoy!!

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Introducing the Sole of New York Fashion Week. Meet our new Sole Sticker. Made to protect all soles this season.

August 28, 2013

At Save Your Sole we get it. Fashion isn’t always glamorous. It’s actually really hard work to make sure that every single detail is taken care of before the first girl walks out at the start of a show. Including the bits that most of us don’t see, like the soles of shoes that you painstakingly use masking tape to prevent runway slips and wear and tear to the shoes. 

Our new Sole Sticker is a transparent, stick-on sole that will make your life a lot easier. The sticker is tough and easy to use. Cut to shape. Stick on, peel off. Easy. 



We promise they’ll save you time, money and maybe the occasional tantrum! And hours of cutting masking tape to fit every shoe sole for every show or shoot. 




No matter how elaborate your show or shoot concept, come hell or high water, these soles will stay on. 






Transparent, stick-on soles from Save Your Sole. The Sole of New York Fashion Week. 

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New to Soul Cycle? We wanted our own shoes for the bike!

June 18, 2013

When we first arrived in New York City we were looking for the best way to exercise and have fun at the same time. A friend took us along to Soul Cycle in Tribeca and we were addicted immediately. But with one small issue – you had to have road cycling shoes with bike cleats/clips to clip into the bike pedals. You can easily pay $3.00 to rent the shoes each time but the thought of wearing the same shoes as hundreds of other sweaty people didn’t really appeal!

So of course we went shoe shopping. We do not ever need an excuse. Our first purchase was a pair of Shimano 2013 Women’s Road Cycling Shoes (in black of course) which is the same shoe that you can rent from Soul Cycle. We knew the fit and that they were comfortable so it was an easy decision.

Next up was buying a pair of bike cleats/clips to attach to the bottom of the shoe to be able to clip into the bike pedals. Soul Cycle recommends on their website that ‘If you plan to bring your own shoes, we highly recommend using LOOK Delta clips, but our pedals are also SPD compatible.’

We chose LOOK Delta Clips in black (although you can also buy these in red).

Attach the LOOK Delta bike cleats to your Shimano bike shoes for Soul Cycle

Attach the LOOK Delta bike cleats to your Shimano bike shoes for Soul Cycle

So once we had the shoes and the bike cleats it only took a few minutes to set up. You can follow these easy steps and you will be ready to spin in no time (with your own shoes).

Step 1 : Arrange the washer and the screws on top of the fitting on the sole of the shoe

Shimano Women's Road Cycling Shoes with LOOK Delta bike clips

Step 2 : With a flathead screwdriver place the bike cleat over the sole and insert the screws and attach

Shimano Women's Road Cycling shoes with LOOK Delta bike cleats

Step 3 : Repeat on the other shoe

Shimano Women's Road Cycling shoes with LOOK Delta bike cleats

Step 4: You are ready to spin!

Shimano Women's Road Cycling Shoes with LOOK Delta Bike Cleats for Soul Cycle

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WIN the ultimate high heel shoe ShuSac bag with Save Your Sole

February 19, 2013

If you live in a big city and love your high heels, this may just be the perfect accessory for your shoes.  Introducing ShuSac – the ultimate high heel shoe bag. For the first time ever, it is a shoe bag that has been specifically designed to transport high heeled shoes!

 It is the perfect bag to store your heels in whilst travelling to your destination and then the perfect bag to store your flats in whilst you skip around in your heels.

Win a black Shusac from Save Your Sole

The bag is split into two separate areas to keep your shoes separate and clean. The ShuSac also has a soft cotton lining to buff your shoes whilst you carry them.  Genius!

Win a black ShuSac with Save Your Sole


Other features include a showerproof nylon outer which is machine washable and it is also available in 5 colours.

For your chance to win a black ShuSac  – the ultimate high heel shoe travel bag –

all you have to do is tell us on Facebook (on the link below)

What type of bag do you currently use to carry your heels around town?


(just for the record we have been known to use shopping bags, plastic bag, sports bags, designer shoe bags and on the odd occasion have just quickly thrown our shoes into our handbag whilst trying not to touch the dirty sole!)


**The winner will be drawn and notified on Monday February 25th 2013. Competition closes at 5pm GMT time. 

For more information on ShuSac you can find them on Facebook or on Twitter


At Save Your Sole we love to support female entrepreneurs and their innovative product launches. Congratulations to the founder and director Nadine – we wish you the best of luck with ShuSac!

Will the soles of your boots get you through the winter? Our boots will…

October 24, 2012

As we happily skipped down a New York street last week, with our new winter boots in hand there was one recurring thought. The soles were so slippery we could not even walk on the carpet in the store. As this is one of the reasons that Save Your Sole was founded, a trip to the cobbler was in required before we wore the shoes down the street.

But of course – like any shoe lover we couldn’t wait to wear the new boots. So making sure that we didn’t fall on the street we carefully walked around until the shiny painted sole had been scuffed. If you have ever been to a shoe repairer and watched the process of a rubber sole being applied you will see that they scuff the soles before applying the sole so that the glue has something to adhere to.

But the risk in doing this yourself is that you ruin the shoe before the rubber sole goes on and then the cobbler has to repair the damage as well. We all know that ruining a pair of shoes on the first outing can be heartbreaking. But I know how to be careful. Sometimes.

So after a quick trip to the shoe repairer our shoes now have new Save Your Sole black vibram soles  and applying some Black Touch Up Sole Paint to the scratches on the soles we are more than ready to hit the streets.


To buy a pair of Vibram Black 1.0mm Soles for your boots you can buy

from www.saveyoursole.co.uk with next day shipping worldwide from £10.95 per pair.

How to protect your suede Isabel Marant autumn ankle boots from the rain..

September 25, 2012

It seems as though every time you see a celebrity in a magazine they are wearing a pair of suede ankle boots from Isabel Marant (which we love). But in the US recently there have been a lot of comments from the fashion pack on how scruffy and stained these boots are looking. Unsuprising – especially if you live in London or New York. Isabel Marant Dicker suede ankle boots

So as winter approaches and after endless window shopping in New York we decided on a pair of black suede boots from Belle by Sigerson Morrison from their great store in Nolita. Even though we chose a black pair of boots, the problem remains the same. How do we protect our  boots through the winter months?

The first thing to do is to protect the suede. This way you provide a layer of protection to stop the rain, mud, red wine (!) and anything else that may come your way from ruining the suede. Once the damage is done, it is (in most cases) too late.

The best way to protect the suede is with a scotchguard spray. We recommend Scotchguard Water Repellent Shoe Protector which we buy from Amazon to make sure we get the right one. You don’t want to use furniture scotchguard and ruin your boots before you start.

When you start to spray your shoes make sure you do this outside as the fumes are quite toxic. Just spray a fine mist over the shoes and wait to dry which will take a few minutes. Easy.


Our new boots are now protected and ready to go. Now we just need to protect the sole. Looks like later today we will be off to the cobbler with our black vibram soles and then these boots really will be made for walking.

Louboutin Lover? Look no further for a worldwide solution to care for your red soles

November 1, 2011

Ruined your red soles on the first wear? So did we.

When we first started looking for a way to repair our designer shoes (especially the red soled ones), everyone we spoke to around the world told us that they had the same problem in caring for their shoes. We have heard countless times…

– The sole the shoe repairer put on was so thick it ruined my shoe

– I don’t want to leave my shoes with someone that I don’t trust

– My favourite pair of heels were ruined by the shoe repairer I took my shoes to

– The sole came off as soon as I wore my shoes for the first time

and we hear this plus much more, over and over again – which is why we love being able to provide our products to shoe lovers around the world.

Where our customers live who love their red soles..

The continued success of Save Your Sole is due to providing a high quality, premium repair product to solve this problem and to our valued customers who continue to spread the word.

Our customers live around the world and we ship our products worldwide – just this week our products have been sent to the USA, Switzerland, Austria, New Zealand, Australia, Malaysia and Kuwait to name a few. So no matter where you live – our products will come straight to your door.

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Do you own Christian Louboutin shoes? Fix Your Sole Now. Introducing Touch Up Sole Paint in Red from Save Your Sole

May 24, 2011
If you are lucky enough to own a pair of Christian Louboutin shoes you will know how excited you were the first time you put them on. The first time you wore them out. But what you didn’t know was how sad you would be when you took them off and realised that the red sole had started to wear off as well. We were.

Where has the famous red Louboutin sole gone?


So we started Save Your Sole to help people with the same problem and offer a fashion fix solution to this problem. Introducing our new Touch Up Shoe Sole Paint which is now available online in 9 colours, you can now easily fix your coloured shoe soles and restore your shoes to the way they were when you first wore them.

The paint is easy to apply, touch dry in 10 minutes and a perfect colour match. We fixed the shoes below in five minutes!

As good as new with our Touch Up Sole Paint

So if you have the same problem and need the same fashion fix then look no further.

Available as a fast dry, shiny enamel paint in 50ml paint pot. The only solution for scuffed soles.

Red Touch Up Sole Paint at http://www.saveyoursole.co.uk

 Also in black, tiffany blue, dark blue, white, yellow, pink, silver and gold for all of your designer shoe soles for £18.95 plus p&p with worldwide delivery. 
For all of your designer shoe sole care products.

The girls at Alexander McQueen love Save Your Sole…

April 11, 2011
We love when we get feedback like this so over to another happy customer (and shoe lover)…

“I first discovered Save Your Sole when looking to repair my pair of Christian Louboutin. I can ensure you that I have since became totally addicted to the idea and to the product. Save Your Sole has become a feature in my shoe racket!

The soles are extremely thin and very comfortable, and on top of that, my shoe-repair guy told me that, as they are made of hardware material, they are much stronger and will last longer then the horrible pale ones you normally get in any shoe-repair. They match all colours for any designer shoes you might have. I have since repaired all my Louboutin, Alexander McQueen, Miu Miu, Givenchy and Rupert Sanderson shoes… all with colourful soles and they look fabulous!

Not only Save Your Sole is a great option to repair your sole, but also as an option for long-lasting quality on your new shoes. I now tend to add the sole to my brand new shoes, so 1) they are not slippery and 2) to protect the sole and make the shoes last longer… at the end of the day, designer shoes aren’t cheap and every help we can get is welcome!

I am super satisfied with the product and the quality of Save Your Sole.”

All the best to all of you at Save Your Sole

Love, Suzi

Suzi Miquilini
Sales Executive

Alexander McQueen
76-78 Clerkenwell Road London EC1M 5QA


To buy our premium shoe soles (available in eight different colours) you can buy online today at


Show your shoes some love today!

Premium Repair Shoe Soles from http://www.saveyoursole.co.uk


Red soles all over the city! It must be springtime in Paris….

March 8, 2011

Last week we were lucky enough to spend some time in Paris during Fashion Week 2011. The sun was shining. People were smiling. And best of all, the entire city was like one big fashion show.

Fashion Week in Paris - March 2011

From the people in the taxi line talking about Lady Gaga and the Mugler show, to the invitiations on the reception desk. Everywhere we turned we saw something great.  The men running down into the Metro with their studded red soled Louboutin brogues, the women in their heels and coats.

Even our hotel room on the banks of the Seine is a first for fashion lovers. The rooms were designed by Christian Lacroix and we loved it. Like all Parisian hotels the room was small but the attention to detail in the room was fantastic – it felt like we were back in the time of Marie Antoinette if only there had been more pastries at breakfast!

Hotel Room designed by Christian Lacroix

But we were there to shop – in the windows of course to see the new trends for spring/summer. It was like we had died and gone to shoe heaven. So many beautiful shoes that you can actually wear and walk in.

We could not resist a visit to the flagship Christian Louboutin store to see the new season shoes. There were alot of new styles and colours but they still have the classic styles we all know and love.

Christian Louboutin Flagship store in Paris

When people speak to us and see our red soled shoes they always complain about the sole coming off or ruining the heel. So we went to visit the recommended shoe repairer by Christian Louboutin to see how they fix the beautiful red soled shoes. It helps that the repairer is located directly behind the Louboutin store and the staff were lovely.

Minuit Moins 7 - Designer Shoe Repairer in Paris

If you live in Paris this is the perfect solution (if you can actually find the repairer!) but if you don’t live in Paris then there is an issue. If you want your Louboutins repaired it will take 3 weeks to have a new rubber sole fitted and 4 weeks for any other repairs. I don’t know about you ladies, but when I buy a pair of shoes I want to wear them straight away – not wait another month until they are ready. I also don’t want to have to send my shoes to Paris to have them repaired.

So if you can’t just skip off to Paris for the day and leave your beloved shoes in Paris for a month then have a look at www.saveyoursole.co.uk . We currently stock designer shoe soles for designer shoes in a range of 7 colours including red, black, cream, brown, blue, pink, white and grey with more colours to come shortly. We will also be shortly stocking more shoe care products to keep your designer shoes looking as great as the day you bought them.

Now back to deciding which pair of shoes we will buy this week! Maybe these ones….

From the window of Christian Louboutin - Paris



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